Transmission line transformers have been in existance for more than four decades. But very little information has been available on specific design principles and in the characterization and specification of ferrites for their use in high-power applications. In fact, practically all of the research and development on ferrites have been directed toward their uses in conventional transformers and inductors.

This catalog is very likely, in a commercial way, to give the first information on new transformers and the availability of their various components for use in power applications in the MF and HF bands. Availability has been a major problem as noted in the feedback forms returned to the publisher from the author's book Transmission Line Transformers. The principles reviewed here should also be of some help for their uses in other applications.

This catalog also attempts to present, briefly, the following: a) the theory of these very broadband, highly efficient and flexible transformers, b) the power rating consideration of this class of transformers, c) the practical consideration in their uses and d) a list of transformers and kits that are being made available by CWS ByteMark. All of these transformation were selected from the author's book. Many of the examples listed here are improvements over those in the book since they offer more margins at the low-frequency end where excessive core flux (and hence possible damage) could occur.

Since this is just the beginning of a new venture, the information and selection of transformers and kits will probably be lacking for some prospective users. We solicit suggestions for improvements.

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