Blocks of custom ferrites are available in lengths up to 6" cubes. They are available in materials from permeability of 400ui to 10, 000ui in both Nickel Zinc (NiZn) and Manganese Zinc (MnZn) compositions.

The table below shows the material characteristics of the various types and of NiZn and MnZn ferrite blocks custom manufactured. These blocks of ferrites can be machined to various sizes and our in-house machining center can machine these blocks to any sizes with very high precision and tolerances. Please contact our sales at for quotes and more details.

material characteristics:
material initial perm-
ation flux density
loss factor
volume resistivity recom-
application areas common shapes
unit gauss 10-6 °C Ω-cm MHz
symbol μi Bsat tanδ/μi Tc ρ f

CB24 2300 4700 <13[0.1MHz] 190 102 0.1-0.5 power conversion block,
CB29 2900 4700 <5[0.1MHz] 185 103 0.5-2 power conversion block, custom
CB52 3200 5100 180 400 recording head block, custom
CB51 5000 5000 180 20 recording head block, custom
CB60 6500 4500 <12[0.1MHz] 165 200 0.1-0.3 filter, transformer block, custom
CB100 10000 4200 <10[0.03MHz] 135 20 0.1 filter, transformer block, custom
CB20 800 3800 <100[1MHz] 170 106 0.5-30 particle accelerator block, custom
CB5 1600 3200 <250[1MHz] 130 108 1-100 particle accelerator block, custom
CB8 2200 3300 130 108 recording head block, custom

Other dimensions and materials are available. Please call or email us at for your other requirements.

Custom blocks of ferrites are frequently used in Antenna, power conversion, recording heads, filters, particle accelerators, and EMI suppressors.

The dimensional tolerances for ferrite custom blocks before machining are approximately +/- 2%. The camber tolerance is 0.11 per inch.

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