Material Details

Power Conversion Materials

-- General Material Properties
-- Introduction to Magnetic Characteristics
-- Core Loss
     Core Loss Increase Due to Thermal Aging
-- Core Loss Comparison
-- DC Applications -

     DC Inductor Design Examples
     DC Inductor Design Example Table
     Gapping Iron Powder E Cores
     The Effect of AC or Ripple on DC Inductors
-- AC Applications -

     Power Factor Boost Preregulator Core Loss Calculations
     Iron Powder for 60Hz Filter Inductors
     60 Hz Inductor Design
     60 Hz Inductor Examples Table
-- Material Applications

Radio Frequency Materials

-- General Material Properties
Resonant Circuit and Broadband Frquency Range
-- Percent Initial Permeability vs DC Magnetizing Force
-- Percent Initial Permeability vs AC Flux Density
-- Core Loss Graph: -2 Material
-- Core Loss Graph: -6 Material
-- Core Loss Graph: -15 Material

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