79 Material 


A new high frequency material for power applications up to 750 KHz.

This MnZn power ferrite is available in customer specific core designs.

79 Material Characteristics

Propertyp> Unit Symbol Value
Initial Permeability
@ B <10 gauss
  µiiii 1400
Flux Density /> @ Field Strength Gauss
Residual Flux Densityd> Gauss Br 1700
Coercive Forced> Oersted Hccc 00.40
Loss Factor /> @Frequency 10-6
tan δµiiii 4.0
Temperature Coefficient of
Initial Permeability (20-70oC)
%/oC &&&  0.6
Curie Temperatured> oC Tc &&&>225
Resistivityd> Ω cm ρ 2 x 102222


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