61 Material 

A high frequency NiZn ferrite developed for a range of inductive applications up to 25 MHz. This material Is also used In EMI applications for suppression of noise frequencies above 200 MHz.

EMI suppression beads, beads on leads, SM beads, wound beads, multi-aperture cores, round cable snap-ifs, rods, antenna/RFlD rods, and toroids are all available in 61 material.

Strong magnetic helds or excessfve mechanical stresses may result in irreversible changes in permeability and losses.


61 Material Characteristics

Property Unit Symbol Value
Initial Permeability
@ B <10 gauss
  µi 125
Flux Density
@ Field Strength
Residual Flux Density Gauss Br 1200
Coercive Force Oersted Hc 0.80
Loss Factor
tan δµi 30
Temperature Coefficient of
Initial Permeability (20-70oC)
%/oC   0.1
Curie Temperature oC Tc >300
Resistivity Ω cm ρ 1 x 108


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